Plentiful Ramadan Menus from Baydöner

Baydöner -

Turkey's most extensive döner restaurant chain, Baydöner is appeasing Turkish people with döner during iftar.

Baydöner brings Turkish people together with filling and rich Ramadan menus throughout Ramadan.

Baydöner General Manager Bülent Polat made the following statement on the subject: "Now we all know that  red meat is a must for a healthy society and a healthy generation. All the health researches conducted across the world suggest that each individual must consume 20 kg red meat per year on average. Considering the conditions in Turkey, we see that there has been a significant inflation in meat consumption in recent years. Annual increase of consumption is approximately 20%. Taking this fact into account, we wanted to welcome our customers with reasonably priced and delicious döner iskender menus throughout Ramadan."

Baydöner's rich menu, which consists of iskender, salad, soup, water and coke, will be provided to döner enthusiasts from 28.95 TL instead of 33.35 TL throughout June. The second option, the special menu which consists of iskender, salad, soup, kunefah, pickles, water and  coke, will be sold from  38.95 TL instead of 46.75 TL throughout Ramadan.