Middle Eastern People will Eat Döner

Baydöner -

Announcing the plans to open 40 more restaurants in Turkey until the end of the year, Baydöner will commence its operations in at least 2 countries in Middle East, Saudi Arabia and İran by the end of the year.

Baydöner, which has provided döner to Turkish people in the quality of chain restaurants with the branches opened within the country and strategical locations abroad, announced that 40 more restaurants will be opened in various regions of Turkey by the end of the year.

Baydöner will concentrate on investments in the upcoming period, and put new restaurants in Turkey (40 restaurants), Middle East, Saudi Arabia and İran, and also first Baydöner restaurant in Cyprus, into operation during summer months.

Providing service with 120 restaurants in Turkey, Baydöner aims to increase the total number of its restaurants to 300 within 4 years. The brand employs 2000 persons in total, from production, audit and store personnel. The brand produces 2.000 tons of meat on average annually, and the amount of red meat, which has been consumed since the establishment of first restaurant, is approximately 10.000 tons.

Bülent Polat, CEO of the company, stated that they have 3 restaurants in North Iraq and Azerbaijan in total, they have made approximately 5 million USD to the restaurants in foreign countries, and continued  as follows: "We owe our success to Turkish people's trust. Thanks to their  confidence, we can represent Turkish döner within the country and abroad in the best way possible. We have a quickly developing EU growth plan. USA is also an important market for us. While we are a leading actor in Turkey, you will soon see us more in the foreign market. I would like to express my gratitude to esteemed Turkish people and all members of Baydöner family."