Golden Brand Award is Baydöner's

Baydöner -

Turkey's most widespread restaurant chain, Baydöner received 'Golden Brand' award as a result of the assessment conducted by İstanbul Trade Newspaper and TTDK Committee.

Taking significant steps on the road to become a worldwide brand, Baydöner continues to seal its success with the awards that it receives. Baydöner received "Golden Brand" award in the award ceremony organized by İstanbul Trade Newspaper and Association for Protecting All Consumers (TTDK). With this important award, Baydöner has become a brand, which is recommended to state organizations, private companies and all consumers.

Bülent Polat, Bay Döner's General Manager, made the following statements on the subject:

"As Baydöner, we are happy to receive yet another award. We are increasing the number of our branches all across Turkey with every new day. Our aim is to reach 300 stores in the following 5 years, and make döner, essential delight of traditional Turkish cuisine, a global brand. As Baydöner, we continue to keep the quality of each new brand, in the quality of our first restaurant, and diligently make investments for this purpose.

I'd like to thank İstanbul Trade Newspaper and TTDK committee, who gave this award to our company."