Baydöner Opened its First Branch in Manavgat, Antalya

Baydöner -

Turkey's most extensive döner restaurant chain, Baydöner announced the launch of a new branch at Novada Shopping  Center in the Manavgat province of Antalya.

Baydöner, which gives döner, which is among the essential delights of traditional Turkish cuisine, the value that it deserves, and takes important steps to achieve its goal to become a global brand, continues to add new restaurants to its branch network in Mediterranean region. Manavgat branch, which is the fifth branch in Antalya, makes İskender delight far more enjoyable with its brand new concept.

Opened at Antalya Manavgat novada Shopping Center in May 19, Baydöner İskender branch has a capacity of 157 plates including its interior area and terrace.                                          

Having been deemed worthy  of "The Most Popular Restaurant" award as a result of the public survey organized by AYD (Shopping Centers and Investors Association) in 2015, Baydöner continues to seal its success with the awards that it has received from prestigious institutions since 2006.