Baydöner Opened its 2nd Branch in Diyarbakır With its Brand New Concept

Baydöner -

Baydöner Increased the Number of its Restaurants to 91 with its New Restaurant Baydöner İskender at Forum Diyarbakır Shopping Center. The company aims to reach to 300 Restaurants within 500 years.

Aiming to reach 110 restaurants in Turkey by the end of 2015, Baydöner continues its growth ceaselessly with its 91st restaurant it opened at Forum Diyarbakir Shopping Center in June 10. Baydöner continues to provide service to iskender lovers of Diyarbakır with its brand new concept.

It seems that Baydöner İskender Forum Diyarbakır Shopping Center branch will be a frequent destination for everyone keen to their taste, with its modernised new store concept and unique taste of iskender. Baydöner İskender Forum Diyarbakır Shopping center branch, which is Baydöner's second restaurant in Diyarbakır, has a capacity of 104m2, which can welcome 68  customers.

Baydöner's CEO Bülent Polat made the following statement on the subject: "Researches conducted indicate that döner is among Turkish people's favourite food products. The public, which gained awareness on healthy nutrition, cannot quit eating döner.  We believed that we must be strong in Turkey in order to perform successful business ventures abroad. We started from İzmir. We became strong, then spread to Turkey. As Döner, we are currently providing service in 36 cities with 91 branches, and pride ourselves in the honour of being among the most extensive restaurant chains in Turkey. We are very happy to open our second branch in Diyarbakır. We become a part of almost all shopping centers opened in Anatolia. We will accelerate our growth plan for Europe in the upcoming period. On the other hand, introducing rich Turkish cuisine particularly to Europe is highly significant. Döner is a food, which doesn't have enough prestige in Europe, although it is widely known and quite popular among European consumers. As Baydöner, we will work to increase the prestige of döner in Europe.' We will provide service in elegant restaurants on prestigious streets of Europe, especially Germany, where the level of circulation is high, different from the current conditions ."