Baydöner welcomes its visitors with high service standards, hospitable staff and hosts in highly elegant environments.

It provides  service to its customers with experienced, genial staff without making any compromise to food safety principle.


For healthy life, it is necessary to eat properly, consume safe/clean foods, and consume these healthy foods at clean environments. Baydöner provides its customer all of this conditions.

Baydöner supplies all the products, which are provided to its guests, from suppliers which produce their foods in accordance with the hygiene rules stipulated by applicable laws. Suppliers are inspected by expert audits at certain intervals within the scope of "Good Production Practices."

All Baydöner restaurants have ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certificate.  ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System Certificate is an international standard, which is regulated in order to supply, prepare and service foods in a safe/clean manner.

Products presented to the guests are  guaranteed to be safe by performing necessary analyses and controls before they are taken out of the kitchen.

As a principle, Baydöner checks all the stages starting from the first source until it reaches to the customer, takes all the necessary measures, performs audits and improves the performance continuously in order to provide  100% hygiene.